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What is SSL (Secure Socket Layer)?

SSL certificate is a digital certificate, whose full name is Secure Socket Layer. You can buy it for any website or for any business. This creates a secure connection between your web browser and your web server. In this the details of your business are enclosed in a cryptographic key.

This certificate includes your name, serial number, expiration date, your public key and a digital signature provided by the certificate issuing authority. Having an SSL certificate on a website means that you can trust this site, no hacker can see its information. This encryption technology was created in 1990 by Netscape.

How does SSL work?

The SSL certificate encrypts all your information and sends it to the web server, and so does the web server.

SSL certificate consists of two combinations, a public key and a private key. The public key is used to encrypt the data being sent, while the private key is used to decrypt the data in a format that can be reused by the recipient of the data.

Suppose, you want to send money to a friend of yours in a remote village, there is no mobile banking facility or internet. If you want to send money there, then for this you have to hand over the money to someone. Now if you ask someone to reach your friend's address with money, he goes some distance and likewise transfers the money to someone else.

Here you can imagine how much your money is at risk. But if you lock the money in a box and send it, no matter who you hand it to, there will be no fear of it being stolen – because the lock will only be opened with your friend's key.

So this is what an SSL certificate does. It securely transmits all the information entered by you to the server. All websites using SSL have HTTPS prefixed to their URLs. HTTPS is a mixed version of SSL and HTTP. HTTPS website means that website has SSL certificate and it is secure.

Where is SSL used?

SSL is primarily used to create a confidential and secure connection between your web browser or mail client or mail server and web server. SSL certificate assures the security of any website. This means that any information you send will reach the website completely securely, and no hacker or cracker will be able to intercept that information.

Generally, administrators of online banking websites, social network websites, email service providers and any website that want to secure all their user information can use SSL certificates. If you have this certificate on your site, your customers or your users will see HTTPS written in the URL of your website, so that they can understand that your site can be trusted.

All online banking websites, including Google, YouTube, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, etc., use SSL because they each want to keep sensitive information secure.

Is SSL Required for Your Website?

Actually the answer to this question depends on a few things, if you want to have a website where people share their highly sensitive and personal information, then you need to have SSL certificate on your website. Because having this certificate not only means that all the information of your users will be secure, but also that your users will trust your website.

It is really hard to trust a website without an SSL certificate, especially where you are going to enter confidential information. So if you have a large website where user information is constantly exchanged, I would strongly recommend you to use SSL, and trust that your users will love your site.

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Types of SSL/TLS

The types of SSL are differentiated below according to the SSL security requirements of each website.

1. Domain Valid SSL (DV SSL)

This is the best SSL for growing businesses, available at an affordable cost. This DV SSL certificate requires only domain ownership ie DNS or email verification.

DV SSL will only show information that your website is a secure and encrypted website. Therefore, it is not recommended to use this level of SSL for e-commerce.

DV SSL is suitable for use on testing websites or on your internal business website. If you use this certificate, HTTPS and a green Lock will be shown to indicate that the domain is safe.

2. Organization valid SSL (OV SSL)

This SSL is actually similar to DV SSL. But this requires the owner of the domain to be verified by showing proof of ownership and validity of the domain, which means that a certificate issuer or CA (certificate authority) will ensure that the domain is protected by business name, location and other legal information. has been registered with.

OV SSL is commonly used on company websites to make it appear more secure and reliable to visitors. If you use this certificate, HTTPS will appear on your website with a green lock.

3. Extended Valid SSL (EV SSL)

EV SSL has a high level of security and is perfect for your online business, especially e-commerce websites. EV SSL requires domain owners to verify domain ownership with certain legal documents.

This is because SSL is commonly used by people who have business entities like the State Department.

How to choose SSL / TLS?

There are two types of SSL in the market today, Premium SSL and Free SSL. For those of you who want to use cheap SSL and use it without any cost, then you can get free SSL from Cloudflare. But if you choose the free version, you won't get the premium features of Cloudflare. After this, if your blog or website grows, then you can choose Premium SSL for DV SSL.

If you have a website for your business or organization, you can take Ovi SSL. The last one is EV SSL. For those of you who run an online business or e-commerce, this type of SSL is the best option as it provides a high level of security.

What are the benefits of Secure Sockets Layer?

There are many benefits of SSL which are mentioned below.

1. It keeps the website secure

The main advantage of SSL is of course the security of your website. SSL will make it difficult for your website to be hacked by others. In addition, SSL will also protect important data on the website.

2. It encrypts the data

Basically SSL is a protocol or path between a website and a web browser. SSL encrypts sensitive data that no one will be able to read. Because it converts the data into code format which is very difficult to read.

3. It enhances the reputation of the website

When SSL is installed on the website, the browser shows green HTTPS with Lock in the URL. This is useful to increase your reputation and trust in the eyes of visitors. With this, the visitors of the website will not hesitate to access the website. In the case of an online store website, even potential buyers will not hesitate to shop on your website.

4. Increases Website Ranking in Search Engines

Google's algorithm prefers websites that have SSL/TLS certificates. Google even blocks its users from visiting websites that do not have an SSL/TLS certificate.

So it is not new that SSL/TLS is also related to website ranking in search engines. A research shows that most of the websites with SSL/TLS certificate have good ranking in search engines.

So this was the information about what is SSL and how it works. Being a blogger, you must know about all these basic blogging related information. At the same time, how it actually works, you should definitely know about that subject too.

You must definitely use SSL in your Hindi blog or any other language blog. And why should I do that, I have given information about it in the above post. If you don't pay attention then you are leaving out a very big thing.

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