How to earn money by writing eBook?

Hello Friends, Hope you are doing well and healthy at this time. I am going to share you today, How to earn money by writing ebook.

If you have the skill or interest to write articles, then you can convert this talent into an eBook, then put that ebook on Google Play books, Amazon Kindle, etc. platform and earn money. However, making an eBook takes more time and more effort than writing an article and after creating you also have to do marketing.
 Then if your book starts showing people, you can make passive income sitting at home and your book will keep selling and you will keep earning money while you are sleeping or sleeping. So if you are an expert in writing and want to make a passive income, then you can do book writing.

After that you can earn lakhs of rupees by publishing that eBook on the online platform. For this reason, if you want to do this, then you should not delay at all and start writing your eBook today. Many times people publish an eBook by writing it, but they do not do it in a marketing way.

 So in such a situation, you have to keep in mind a saying that “whatever you see sells”, that is why market your eBook in the same way and then get its reward.

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