What is backlink? Why is it important for SEO?

What is backlink? Why is it important for SEO?

Hello Friends, today we will discuss, “what is Backlink and why is it important for SEO? Backlink is most important in SEO. It is a very important part of Off-Page SEO. If you are a blogger or want to start a blog, then it is very important for you to know about backlink because you can increase your traffic on your blog through backlink.

By using backlink properly in SEO, you can increase the domain authority (DA) of your website or blog. That's why I thought to share with you guys complete information about backlinks. So let's start and we will know what is backlinks and why is it important for SEO.

What is backlink? Why is it important for SEO?

        Table of Content

  • What is Backlink?
  • Some terms related to Backlink
  • Why Backlink is Important for Seo?
  • How to Create Backlink for Blog? 

What is Backlink?

Backlink is a link that links the webpage of one website to another website of the webpage. In simple language, the links which come from any other website to your website or blog are called backlinks.

For Example

If the link of your post or home page is given in the post of any other website and when a visitor clicks on that link and reaches your post then that link will be considered as backlink. Due to which traffic will start increasing on your website or blog, which is a very good thing for your website.

I hope you have understood well what is backlink, now there are some terms or phrases related to it, which you need to know about.

Some terms related to Backlink

Link Juice: - When an article of our website is linked with any other website, then link juice is passed. Due to which the ranking of our page will increase, it affects our domain authority and page authority.

High Quality Link:- When incoming links from high quality sites come to our website, whose domain authority is very high, then we call it High Quality Backlink.

Low Quality Link: - The link which is from any spam sites, porn sites or any such site which Google has declared as spam is called low quality link.

Such links are not good at all for our website or blog.

No Follow Link:- These links come from any other website on our website, but No Follow Tag is used on them. Due to which the link juice is not passed. Due to lack of link juice, our website does not benefit from these links.

Do Follow Link:- These links are very good for our website, these links come to our website from other websites and they have a do follow tag, due to which the link juice is passed and helps in increasing the rank of our website.

Internal link:- This link connects one page of our website to another page.

External link:- When we add a link to any other website in our article, it is called external link.

Anchor Text:- Anchor text is called the words or sentence, on which the link is inserted.


If we use the words On Page Seo to insert a link, then the word on page seo is Anchor Text.

Why Backlink is Important for Seo?

Friends, backlink has a very important role in seo. The more high quality links in your website will grow your website on google. It will help the website to rank over Google. Googlebots will give more importance to your website. By building backlink, traffic and domain authority improves, due to which your website becomes more popular and people like to visit your site.

I am going to share you now some more benefits of this.

1. Backlink increases Organic Traffic.

When our site receives a link from another website, then link juice is passed to our website from that website. Due to which our article gets a high rank in the search engine result page. Organic traffic starts to land on our post. Organic traffic is a very good thing for our website.

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2. The post is quickly indexed in the search engine

When our website gets a backlink from another high quality website, then Googlebot crawls the pages of that website and  link as well. Googlebot feels then this is a very important page, due to which Googlebot read our article quickly and starts indexing.

3. Referral Traffic is received from Backlink

Referral traffic is called traffic that is not organic but comes to our website through a link. This traffic is good for our website because this traffic comes from high authority site on our website.

  • Backlink referral is the best way to get traffic.
  • Pageviews increase on our website.
  • Targeted traffic comes to our website
  • Bounce Rate decreases.


4. Improve Domain authority

Link building improves the domain authority of our website, which is good for our website. By creating backlink, link juice is passed which is helpful in improving domain authority.

Which Websites have more domain authority, that site ranks higher in the search engine.


How to Create Backlink for Blog?

Creating backlink for your blog is very important because link building is good for our blog. I have told you the importance of backlink in seo. Now we talk how to create quality backlink. Before telling how to create backlink, I want to tell you one important thing. We always have to take a link from the same website which is related to the niche of our website.


If you publish articles related to health on your website, then you also have to take backlinks from the website writing articles related to health.

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so let's start

1. Write High Quality Content

You have to publish high quality content on your website because Googlebot likes quality content and it gives good ranking to them. The higher the content of your post, there is a greater chance that it will rank on the first page in the search engine.

When one of your visitors clicks on those posts, then he may like your post and may use your post as a referral link in his website.

2. Post Guest

You can guest post on any website related to your niche, from which you get a do follow link. Link juice is passed from the Do Follow link, which increases the ranking of your website.

3. Comment

This method is also very good to get backlink, but in this way you get no follow link. It is not as good as do follow link but it can bring traffic to your website. In this way, you have to comment on the site related to your website and also you have to enter the link of your website.

4. Submit Blog to Web Directories

You can get quality backlink by submitting your blog to web directories. This is a very good and easy way to get the link.

I hope you have understood "What is backlinks and why is it important for SEO", if you have any suggestion for me, then definitely tell me by commenting.


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