How to increase traffic on Blog?

How to increase traffic on Blog? 

Do you want to increase traffic on your blog? Are you not getting any visitors on your blog? If you want to know the answer to all these questions then you are on the right page.

You will find here answers to all your questions. I am going to share you such effective methods by which you can bring a lot of traffic on your blog. If you have not created a blog yet, then you must read our post on how to start a Blog and make money.

Every blogger wants “traffic to his blog”. He works hard day and night but he is not able to bring traffic to his blog. The reason for this is that he does not know about the right technology, there are many ways to bring traffic to the blog.

Today I will tell you about the techniques that bring traffic to the blog, which are used by all Bloggers, due to which they get thousands of views every day and they earn lakhs of rupees.

increase traffic on blog

Table of Contents

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Quality and Lengthy Content
  3. How to get traffic on blog through Social Media?
  4. Backlink help to increase traffic on your blog
  5. Question & Answer
  6. Internal Links

How to increase traffic on Blog?

When anyone starts his new blog, then a question definitely comes in his mind, “How to get traffic on blog”. He starts searching and he knows many ways. But he does not stay for a long time because he doesn't know which way is right.

Today we are going to tell you the methods by using some people are earning lakhs of rupees today. Even they are on top in the field of blogging, so you have to read all the methods carefully,

Let's start

1.) Keyword Research

Before you start writing any post, do keyword research and choose a good topic that interests people, the keyword you choose will drive traffic to your blog.

Those keywords have to be used properly while writing your post. When people search for those phrases on the search engine, then traffic will start coming to your blog. So, Keyword research play important role in the blog. Your post will never rank on Google if you do not use the right keywords on the blog.

Keep in mind while doing keyword research

  • Select Phrases related to your niche, this brings targeted traffic.
  • Always choose those phrases which have high search volume and low competition.
  • Use long tail keyword
  • Do not do keyword stuffing in the post.
  • You can use Google Keyword planner, Semrush and Ubersuggest Tool to do Keyword Research.

2.) Quality and Lengthy Content

Writing blog posts is a lot of fun. If you also pay attention to the quality of the post, then you can increase traffic on your blog.

On-Page SEO

Use “On-Page SEO” while writing your post, in this way you can get a lot of views from search engines every month. More of traffic comes through the search engines.

  • You can write SEO Friendly post using On-Page SEO
  • Search engines give good ranking to SEO user friendly posts
  • You can use Yoast Seo WordPress Plugin to write your post

In this way you also get good traffic from search engines.

In long articles, we can use keywords more often so that our article becomes eligible to get a good rank in the search engine,

  • You can give more information to your user
  • User will visit your article continuously
  • User's trust is important and will be created on your blog

Keep one thing in mind that do not stuff keywords in your article and try to give good information to your users, because Google also repeatedly advises its readers to keep their content clean.

3.) How to get traffic on blog through Social Media?

Many people remain active on social media. You have to create an account on all social media sites and request your user to follow your social media account. To get traffic on your blog, you have to update your social media account daily. Update your blog posts on all your accounts.

In this way your blog will start to be famous and users will start to visit your blog daily.

  • You have to create a group on the name of your website/Blog on Facebook
  • Tell your users about your upcoming posts on Twitter
  • Update your post on Pinterest and create a Pin
  • Try to increase your followers on Instagram
  • Link all your social media accounts with your blog

4.) Backlink help to increase traffic on your blog

You must have heard many times that building backlinks increases domain authority, but at the same time backlinks also bring traffic to the blog. The traffic coming through backlinks is highly targeted.

If you talk about Domain Authority, then the more Domain Authority you have on your blog, the more your post will rank in the Search Engine Result page, which brings Organic Traffic to our post.

  1. You can write a guest post to build backlink
  2. Comment on the website related to your Niche
  3. Backlink is also build by writing quality content on the blog, if someone uses our post in external link. 

5.) Question & Answer

You can join Q&A sites related to your niche. Many people ask questions on these sites, where you can answer with the link of your website. In this way traffic will start coming to your website.

The domain authority of the Q&A website is very high. You can create more followers form these sites and also get the traffic. Quora is the best Q&A website you can also join and use.

6.) Internal Links

By using Internal Links, you can get good views in your new post. You can add links to your old valuable posts which will have a good impact on the user of your website.

Google also likes internal links. It is easy for Google bot to understand your website due to which Google gives you well rank for the post and organic traffic.

  • This is a good way to get views on your old posts
  • Helps in building user's trust
  • Internal links make the post SEO friendly
  • User spends more time on website

How to increase traffic on blog

I hope you learned a lot from this post and got a good idea about how to increase traffic on blog. Friends, you must use all these methods.

If you liked this post on How to increase traffic on blog or got to learn something, then please share this post on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. Thank you.

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