How to start a Blog and make money?

How to earn money from blogging?

How to start a blog and make money

Hello Friends, Hope you are doing great at this time and welcome back to my blog. Here i am going to share you my all the efforts about making money though a blog. If you were looking an articles related to "How to start a blog and make money" then guys you are on really on right page. I will try to cover everything about blog creation. 

First of all guys i want to tell you its very easy to earn money from blogging. One thing is 100% true that anyone can do blogging, for this you do not need to have degrees or any qualification. You only have to make interest and there should be a lot of patience and dedication so that you can earn money from blogging properly.

So now the question is, can everyone earn money from blogging? The answer is yes and no. This is because new content creators (bloggers) take some time to earn money whereas those who are already working on blog do not have to work hard.

Today's article “How to start a Blog and make money.”, I will share you some similar ways by which you too can easily earn money from blogging. But yes, you need to keep some patience and a lot of hard work. Because nothing is easy, if we work properly with dedication then we can definitely make it easy. So let's get started.

                    Table of Content
1.) What is Blogging?
2.) What is Google AdSense?
3.) What does Google check in blog website?
4.) Monetize blog through Affiliate Marketing Program.
  • Sponsored Post
  • Providing Services
  • Selling E-books
  • Direct Advertisement
  • Sponsored Social Media Posts
5.) Blog Selling
6.) What did you learn today
7.) FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1.) What is Blogging? 

What is blogging

Blogging means adding new articles to your blog. I mean if you have mastered in any subject, or you want to share your own experience with others, then you can either write them in your diary or on any blog or website. This process of writing is called blogging.

There are many kind of blogs such as Personal Blog, Food Blog, Tech Blog, Finance Blog, Travel Blog, Motivational Blog etc. You can create your own blog in the topic you are interested in. The only condition is that you do not have to copy anyone's blog or content. If you will try to copy any others blog or content then your articles will never rank over google. Even google will never share your blog with any users. 

Friends, This was a little information about blogging and now i will tell you how to earn money from blogging.

There are many ways to earn money from a blog, you can use google AdSense to monetize your blog. But now a days we have many options to monetize the blog or website. We can use alternate ads network platform. Now you were thinking about the AdSense and alternate ads network then don't worry friends i will explain you everything in this blog. 

2.) What is Google AdSense? 

Google AdSense is a ads network platform provides the display ads, pop up ads, banner ads for our websites. You can see the below given example of the ads of Google AdSense. More people keep it on first priority because it pays on time and it is a google platform. 

Google Adsense Ads

To display the ads on your blog or to monetize the blog websites you need to write minimum 15-20 articles. Articles should be user understandable or user friendly. After 20 articles you can apply for Google AdSense. Post submitting the application you have to wait till 1 week until google review your blog website. 

3.) What does Google check in blog website?

Please ensure below pages are listed on your blog website before to apply AdSense. 

  • Homepage
  • Disclaimer
  • Privacy Policy
  • About us
  • Contact us

This page are more important and google check this first to give you AdSense account.

4.) Monetize blog through Affiliate Marketing Program

In today's times, Affiliate Marketing is very famous among bloggers. Because you do not have to do much on this, you only have to add the affiliate link on your blog. If someone buys some things or services by clicking on those links, then you get money for it.

Here I am going to share with you some popular affiliate marketing marketplace that you can join if you want to monetize your blog through affiliate program and earn money:

  • Amazon Affiliate Program
  • Hosting Affiliate
  • Blogging Tools Affiliate

Sponsored Post

You can also make more money through paid reviews or sponsored post. It depends on your blog size and popularity or how much traffic you are getting in.

Providing Services

You can earn money by giving services to anyone. If you have skills such as logo creation, content writing, SEO, Site Optimization, etc. you want to start these services then you can show your own ads on blog. By doing this your user will see your ads and they can easily can contact to you for the services.

Selling E-books

Few of bloggers i seen they like to make e-books by his expertise and experience and sell them over blogs. So you can also do the practices if you have little knowledge to make e-books. You can also sell your e-book on amazon and other marketplace to make money.

Direct Advertisement

Currently, AdSense is best advertisement program for blogger from where you can place the ads on your blog, You can create the direct advertisement by ads unit section. 

If your blog is popular then company can also contact to you for the direct advertisement. You will then earn the money by per click on direct ads,

Sponsored Social Media Posts

If you have many followers on social media then you can find the more brands. Brands can offer you a lot of money for the sponsored social media post.

You also have to work on social media followers and to get good engagement on them, You can take more money for Post or Re-Post over social media. 

5.) Blog Selling

If you have a good knowledge of blog then you can create a fresh blog with few keywords. Rank those keywords on google and then you can list the blog on FLIPPA for sale. FLIPPA is a platform where you can earn a lot of money by selling the blogs.

Now friends, you must have come to know that how to earn money from blogging. It takes little time to earn money from blogging, but once you start getting a lot of traffic, then you can earn very well, there is no doubt about it.

6.) What did you learn today?

I hope you must have liked my article on "How to start a Blog and make money?". I always try to provide full information to the readers about how to earn money from blogging, so that they do not have to search any other sites.

This will also save readers time and they will get all the information in one place. If you have any doubts about this article or you want there should be some improvement in it, then you can write comments for this.

If you liked this post on how to start a blog and make money or got to learn something, then please share this post on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. Thank you.

7.) FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). 

Q.1) How much money we can earn through blogging?
Ans. Unlimited. It depends on your traffic on your blog.

Q.2) How can I earn money from blogging?
Ans. You can use Ads Network platform such as Google AdSense, Affiliate Link, Banners Ads, Direct Post on your blog to earn money.

Q.3) What is important in Blog?
Ans. Unique Content is main and more important to start the blog. 

Q4.) Do I need to invest to start blog?
Ans. No its free of cost if you choose blogger to startup. If your blog will be viral then you can buy your own hosting server or domain. Its totally depends on you.

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